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Chrysan Lee highlights profiles of those who made body-shaming comments about her chest

This article is more than 12 months old

She’s had enough, and she’s hitting back.

Singapore influencer Chrysan Lee put up a TikTok video showing off a rather skimpy top she said she loved.

There were comments on how pretty she and the top looked.

There were also rude and crude ones on her chest size.

So Lee, 26, who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, decided to call out the body-shamers.

She compiled some of their comments in a post, saying: “Shame. Do you see how ugly their personalities are?”

She said she loved “my small boobs and my body” and was “proud of the way I was born”.

She would continue to leave the TikTok comments open, so others could see for themselves what was being said.

Lee, who also appears on the YouTube channel Wah!Banana, didn’t stop with that.

She challenged those leaving such comments to come out and show their real names and faces.

And she put up some of their profiles, saying: “Let’s see how some of them look like, shall we?”.

She responded to arguments that such comments could be expected when “you put yourself out there like that”, that they were free speech or jokes, and suggestions that she should just block or ignore them and move on.

“Do not invalidate our experiences,” she wrote. “Do not tell a victim or somebody who is trying to stand up for themselves that their efforts are making things worse.”

She said she had explored other options on social media but the online abuse had continued.

“Are you really saying that if someone is bullied or hurt they should shut up and move on?”

She said she would not accept such a solution.

She added that there had been one apology, for a comment which she had not featured. She also thanked those who had supported her.

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