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Commuters pay no mind to Russian man with 2 kids in stroller before boarding MRT lift

A man pushing two children in a stroller at an MRT station was left frustrated when fellow commuters ignored the priority queue sign to board a lift.

The man, Pavel Semenov (@paaladin), filmed his experience and uploaded the video onto TikTok.

Pavel, who is from Russia and frequently shares his experiences in Singapore on TikTok, was at Caldecott MRT station, with his two children in a stroller, waiting for the passenger lift.

Several people were crowded right in front of the lift waiting to board – none of them paid him or his kids any mind.

At this point, Pavel highlights the signage at the top of the lift, indicating a “priority queue", which means that select commuters, such as the elderly, pregnant and those travelling with strollers, should be allowed to board the lift first.

There is another “priority queue” sign on the right-hand side of the lift's door, near the lift button.

When the lift arrives, most of the commuters squeeze in. 

As the lift door closes, Pavel moves forward a metre, and a woman left behind notices him, and duly shifts slightly away from the door. 

The rest continue to pay no attention to him and his kids.

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Pavel tagged Give-Way Glenda to his video, an initiative by the Land Transport Authority towards Gracious Commuting.

The initiative, launched in 2014, aims to remind commuters to be more considerate when travelling via public transport.

In response to the TikTok, some commenters were empathetic, saying they have experienced or witnessed similar situations.

Others were quick to shift the blame, suggesting that the commuters seen crowding around the lift were foreigners

Then, of course, there were those who felt Pavel was being "entitled". 


Very sad comments, to be honest.