Confusion at hawker centres, coffee shops as stricter rules kick in

It is extra work, and some were told off for asking to check patrons' vaccination status

New rules forbidding unvaccinated people from dining in at hawker centres and coffee shops that kicked in yesterday have left some confused.

When The Straits Times visited several places, checks were conducted at some but not others.

At Hougang 203 Coffee Shop, stallholders were actively asking patrons to show their vaccination status.

Patrons such as Mr K. Tang, who works in logistics, was annoyed by the checks at each stall he went to.

"I have been asked three times in 10 minutes for my vaccination status. Why can't they just check once? It is so frustrating," he said.

Mr Goh Luo Wei, 30, who runs Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow at the coffee shop, said he was informed by the management on Tuesday to start checking from yesterday.

"Many customers just said they are vaccinated but did not show us their TraceTogether app, giving the excuse that their phones are at the table," said Mr Goh.

"This morning, a customer got angry with us for asking to see his vaccination status, but we are just following the rules. Why make our jobs difficult?" he said.

At Tiong Bahru Market and Hawker Centre, officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA) were seen asking the breakfast crowd about their vaccination status.

At FoodCity coffee shop in Tampines Street 11, no officers or safe distancing ambassadors were seen. Ms Jenny Sim, 45, the supervisor of a drink stall, said she was told off by a few elderly customers who were frustrated by the checks.

"Some seniors came with their TraceTogether tokens thinking they would suffice, but we are not getting them to check in. We are checking their vaccination status on the app."

At Kovan food centre in Hougang Street 21, warehouse operator Peter Soon, 49, who was having breakfast with his wife, said: "No safe distancing ambassador checked our vaccination status; it is up to the customer's own integrity."

Stallholders told ST they had not been informed about the need to verify patrons' vaccination status.

Mr William Lim, 65, a chicken rice stallholder at Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre, said he was frustrated by the constantly changing rules.

"We are already working very hard to keep business going... We don't need extra work."

On Tuesday, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu said her ministry would take a pragmatic approach in implementing the rules.

NEA, which manages hawker centres, and the Singapore Food Agency, which handles coffee shop operators, said earlier that they will work with stallholders to urge unvaccinated patrons not to dine in.

Checks on the vaccination status of diners will be done by safe distancing enforcement officers, who will do this selectively as part of their patrols, said the agencies.

Diners found to have breached the vaccination-differentiated safe management rules will be warned and enforcement action will be taken against repeat offenders and those who refuse to cooperate.