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Cross-border surprise for long-separated family

It took two weeks of planning, at the end of a 20-month wait, to get this surprise family reunion picture perfect. But it was all worth it for Facebook user Glazed.

She hadn’t seen her parents in Malaysia for close to two years. And finally she was taking the bus to Johor Baru, with the opening of the overland vaccinated travel lane.

But she didn’t tell them she would be there, with children in tow. Instead, she told them she would be at Woodlands park, and asked them to go to R&F Mall in JB so that they could wave to each other across the strait.

Her sisters drove their parents to the mall, where they went to the waterside to look for their loved ones at the Singapore park, visible in the distance. Meanwhile, her brother picked her and the children up when they arrived, and they too headed for the mall.

And there the ones from Singapore sneaked up on the rest of the family. See the tears of joy as they hugged after 625 days apart.

Watch the video here:

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