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Cyclists traced a Godzilla outline while doing a 14-hour ride

SINGAPORE - A group of cycling enthusiasts had fun tracing out a Godzilla cycling route.

The 60km-long course saw Mr Gerald Cacas and his friends traversing around the island, starting from the western part of Singapore up to the north, down to the central part of the island before returning to the west.

Said Cacas, 39, to "We were supposed to do a dino-shaped route, but then I thought it's been done before, so I plotted out something that hasn't been done before."

Planning the route involved researching possible roads, park connector networks, bridges and open fields that the group can cycle to maintain the Godzilla outline.

The cyclists started their trip on Oct 9 morning from Toh Tuck Avenue before going towards Bukit Timah and northwards to Seletar. Godzilla's iconic face was traced out in the neighbourhoods of Sengkang. The areas around National Stadium and the Civic District became Godzilla's stomping ground.

The 14-hour journey saw them returning to their starting point by the time the sun set.

According to, Cacas took up cycling last year due to Covid-19 lockdowns that shut down badminton courts.

Cycling became a substitute activity for him and his friends.