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Diner baffled by hawker's 50-cent charge to remove bean sprouts

Let’s be honest, practically nobody likes bean sprouts. 

Unless, of course, it’s peeled at both ends and stir-fried with salted fish. Otherwise, it’s intrusive, overpowers almost every other ingredient, and makes the dish taste and smell like the soil from whence it came. 

So when an AsiaOne reader chanced upon a stall that charged an extra 50 cents for “no bean sprouts”, he was understandably bemused.

Diner Steven Wong told the local news outlet he spotted a sign at a stall in Fajar Shopping Centre that read: “Additional seafood for $2, additional egg for $1, and additional bean sprouts for 50 cents”, among other things.

What stood out, though, was the last entry, indicating an extra charge of 50 cents if the customer requested for no bean sprouts in their dish. 

The stall sells fried char kway teow, carrot cake and oyster omelette.

"This is ridiculous," Wong said. "I might as well pick out the bean sprouts myself."

He said that he didn't patronise the stall, but pointed out that almost "every stall at hawker centres will gladly not put bean sprouts if requested – without additional charge".

Some coffee shop patrons AsiaOne spoke to also expressed their bemusement over the issue.

68-year-old retiree Tng said he believes the price should decrease or simply stay the same if customers request for no bean sprouts.

Another Bukit Panjang resident, surnamed Tan, agreed that the price should remain the same, but suggested that the hawker may have a reason for charging extra.

"I think they cook in bulk, so if customers don't want (bean sprouts), they’ll need to cook (the dish) separately," she said.

Nevertheless, we feel there should never be an additional charge to remove a pesky ingredient. 

So say “no” to bean sprouts. 

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