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Eat, scoot and leave $1.2k bill - till reports appear

It looked like a case of cheating. How could 16 people forget to pay for a meal together and just walk out of a restaurant?

But after reports appeared in the media, the bill of nearly $1,200 was indeed settled.

So was it all just a storm in a soup bowl?

Perhaps. It seems the group consisted of coworkers who made a mistake.

They had gone to the Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant at the Woodlands Jetty around 7pm on Thursday (July 21) .

They had a sumptuous dinner, ordering from set menus, with additional dishes, all topped off with dessert.

The popular restaurant, sitting on the Johor Strait off the Woodlands Waterfront Park, can get quite crowded, and the staff noticed only later that the group had left without paying the bill of $1,188.

The 16 were walk-in customers with no reservation, and left no contact details.

Shin Min Daily News carried a report about the incident, and this was picked up by some websites.

The reports were later updated to say that someone had paid up, and apologised for what they said was a misunderstanding.

It seems all of them assumed someone else had paid.

Hmm... So it was assumed this was someone’s $1.2k treat, and none of them even asked if they should pay their share?

And they paid up after the photo above appeared with the reports, which also quoted the restaurant manager as saying that the police could get involved.

But hold on, it seems such an occurrence is not unknown, and groups dining together do sometimes make such mistakes.

Very well then, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, shall we?