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Elderly couple tip taxi driver $90 for playing Chinese oldies

It wasn't just a taxi ride - it was a trip down memory lane. And for an elderly couple, it was worth rewarding the driver with a big tip.

A ComfortDelGro taxi driver shared the unforgettable experience he had with the Indonesian Chinese passengers in a Facebook post recently.

Mr Ann Wong had picked them up on July 12 and said  that he played Chinese songs while driving, namely "Cut My Heart" and "Kiss Goodbye" by Jacky Cheung, "My Choice" by George Lam and Sally Yeh, and "As Long As Your Life Is Better Than Mine" by Kenny Bee.

The couple loved the nostalgic playlist and even sang along to them, while chatting with the driver.

The post which Mr Ann Wong shared on Facebook about his interaction with the Indonesian Chinese couple.PHOTO: ANN WONG/FACEBOOK

At the end of the ride, which cost $9.60, the wife passed the driver a $100 note.

Mr Wong replied, "Auntie, this is a $100 note. I don't have change for that. Do you have a $10 note?"

The woman replied that the note was for him and thanked him for playing "the wonderful songs".

“It (brought) back our memories when we are young,” she said.

Mr Wong thanked them.

This was "another incident where music captures the heart of people's kindness", he wrote.