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Emaciated dog with missing fur looking for home

An emaciated dog with its fur missing is looking for a permanent home.

Facebook group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS) shared photos of the dog, named Bobby, in a post on Friday (Nov 26).

According to the post, Bobby was discovered wandering on the streets by a passer-by.

"He had very little fur left and was looking extremely emaciated," said CDAS.

"We were alerted about his plight, and despite having four new rescued dogs on our hand this week, we didn’t have the heart to turn him away," CDAS added.

The passer-by brought the malnourished Bobby, who appears to be either a bulldog or a pug, to the vet, and his blood work turned out well.

Bobby, who is currently with a fosterer, is described as a quiet and well-behaved boy who walks well on the leash and knows how to use the pee pad.

"He is a very good boy and will be very easy to handle," said CDAS.

The group is also seeking people who can nurse Bobby back to health and "offer him the stability and care he needs in his life".

While Bobby's vet bills of $473.47 have been covered, CDAS is appealing for donations to get Bobby nutritious food and supplements.