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French school investigating after its students were seen sparring at HDB void deck

This article is more than 12 months old

The International French School in Singapore is investigating reports of its students sparring, with boxing gloves on, at an HDB void deck.

This was reportedly seen at Block 157 Serangoon North Avenue 1 on May 13.

Facebook user Henry Ng, a resident in the area, shared videos he took of the students and said it was not the first time they were seen doing this.

In the first video, two boys are seen wearing boxing gloves and throwing punches at each other. They are surrounded by other students who are watching.

Mr Ng told Stomp he took the videos between 4pm and 5pm that day.

He said the second video he posted was of some of the students running away after the authorities were reportedly called.

"It's a daily thing," he said.

"The fighting is the second time that I know of. But littering and making a lot of noise is a daily thing."

It was not known if the boys were boxing enthusiasts and just practising the sport.

But there was still an issue of the students “disturbing public order”, as the school reportedly put it.

In response to media queries, the school's communications and events director Sebastien Barnard said the school was aware of the report and took such situations very seriously.

He added that the principal had initiated an investigation with the school's relevant student services to verify what had happened and to take appropriate disciplinary measures.