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French School students said to have vandalised void deck

The International French School Singapore is again in the news, and again not really for the right reasons.

Some of its students seem to be getting a reputation for creating a disturbance in the neighbourhood. Especially if you are a resident of Block 157, Serangoon North Avenue 1, where they have been known to hang out.

In May, a resident observed students sparring with boxing gloves on at the void deck, surrounded by others, and put up videos on Facebook.

This time, the same resident posted photos showing vandalism, apparently by the school’s students.

There were burn marks and graffiti at the void deck. Half-burnt pieces of paper had French written on them. The graffiti included crude drawings of male genitalia.

This was on Monday (June 13). Like before, the Facebook user, Henry Ng, said the students ran away when the authorities were called.

He said littering was a regular issue at the void deck.

At the time of the earlier incident, the school had said it was investigating the reports of its students “disturbing public order”.

And this time, the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council had decided to talk to the school and the police to address residents' concerns, AsiaOne reported.

Police said they were alerted to a "possible fight" in Serangoon North Avenue 1 at 3.12pm on Monday.

AsiaOne also quoted Mr Ng, 38, as saying that his six-year-old daughter was no longer allowed to play by herself at the void deck. He felt the students were a bad influence not only for his daughter, but other children there too.

In response to a query from Stomp, the school's communications and events director Sebastien Barnard said: "Having been made aware of the allegations, the IFS principal has initiated an investigation with the relevant student services of the school to verify and clarify the facts and take the appropriate disciplinary measures."

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