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Frolicking otters practise their butterfly stroke at condo showflat fountain

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The year 2022 is fast becoming the year of the otter. In Singapore, at least.

After a slew of stories over the past few months about them attacking joggers, feasting on koi fish in ponds, and going for unauthorised swims in condo pools, the mischievous little creatures are at it again.

This time, thankfully, no jogger or fish was hurt. 

A romp of otters were seen enjoying the amenities at The Landmark condominium showflat along Indus Road in River Valley. In particular, the fountain at the condo's driveway.

Two otters were seen swimming the length of the fountain in a butterfly stroke so refined, Joseph Schooling himself would have approved.

Others were seen running back and forth, from one end of the fountain to the other.

The otters' play session was caught on video by Facebook user Sunshine Yiling, who posted a short clip to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings group.

Yiling told Mothership that the otters are from the well-known Zouk family, and she has seen them playing at the very same water feature since last year.

That particular fountain is "like a water playground" for the otters, she said, adding: "Thanks to the secluded location of this fountain, we are able to observe the otters and their playful antics with nothing held back."

The Smooth-coated Otters commonly seen in Singapore are known to be highly social, playful animals.

However, they have also been seen defending their territory and facing off with other otter families.

The public are advised to observe them from a distance, and to avoid approaching, touching, or chasing them.

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