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Girl restores faith in humanity with kind act

In a world where people have become increasingly cold towards others, some souls restore faith in humanity by their kind acts, even if it's just a small gesture.

A girl received praise for turning back to help an elderly woman cross the road after the traffic light had turned green along Commonwealth Avenue on Monday evening.

Footage of the act was captured by a vehicle dashcam and uploaded online by SG Road Vigilante (SGRV).

The 44-second video shows the girl looking behind her shoulder as she is crossing the road, watching out for an elderly woman behind her.

She keeps turning around to look out for the woman even after she reaches the other side.

When the traffic light is about to turn green, the girl turns around to help the senior citizen cross the road safely.

Drivers were kind too and did not move until after the duo reached the pedestrian zone.

Netizens said she made their day.

Some were touched by her gesture, saying that there is still good in the world.