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Gojek driver reportedly suspended for keeping pet parrot in car

It was not Take Your Pet To Work Day.

Yet a Gojek driver chose to drive around with his pet parrot perched on his shoulder.

Civil servant Xiao told Shin Min Daily News that she had booked the Gojek ride at about 7am on Nov 22.

She was aware of the animal in the car only after she got into her ride and found herself eye to eye with the bird.

As she was in a rush to get to work – and did not seem to be allergic to birds – she decided to let it slide and proceed with the ride.

However, the parrot started to get agitated, screeching and squawking during the journey.

The Gojek driver patted his pet parrot and spoke to it in a soothing tone to calm it down. He had only one hand on the steering wheel, compromising his driving and swerved when making a turn.

"Whatever the reason for taking the parrot into the car, it's distraction and driving under such circumstances can be quite dangerous," Ms Xiao told the Chinese daily.

"Although the parrot didn't try to fly during the trip, how can we be sure that it won't attack people?"

A Gojek spokesperson told Shin Min Daily News that it aims to create a safe environment for passengers and ensure that drivers' behaviours meet the company's standards.

The driver is believed to have been suspended.