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Goodbye, Buddy: Singapore Zoo KidzWorld’s resident golden retriever dies

Buddy, the resident golden retriever at the Singapore Zoo’s Kidzworld children’s experience zone, died on Tuesday.

The nine-year-old dog was surrounded by his keepers and friends in his final moments, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve said in an Instagram video on Wednesday night.

Ms Natalie Chan, a manager in the reserve’s animal behaviour and programmes, said in the video that Buddy had been diagnosed with two kinds of lymphoma – a type of cancer – over two years ago and had been going for regular veterinary check-ups since then.

“This boy really fought the disease,” she said.

But a recent check-up revealed masses in Buddy’s pelvic region, indicating that the cancer had spread.

Ms Chan’s eyes began welling up as she described Buddy as “sunshine”.

“Anyone who meets him – even on a bad day, even on a sad day – they instantly light up. He’s just love and joy,” she said.

She added that Buddy enjoyed going on walks, buggy rides and performing for the zoo’s visitors despite his illness.

“Because that’s Buddy; he loved to make people happy,” Ms Chan said.

Many netizens who watched the video were deeply saddened by the news. Some reminisced about the last time they saw Buddy.

One commenter, who had met Buddy when the dog was just a puppy, said she was heartbroken, but added that she was happy his suffering had ended.

Others said they had never met Buddy, but were still saddened by the zoo’s loss.

Another Instagram user said: “I’m crying so hard over a dog I haven’t met.”

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