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Hospital security, a bit of patience with the elderly please

An impatient security officer outside Tan Tock Seng Hospital has been removed from duty after he was caught on camera being rude to an elderly man and those accompanying him.

The elderly man took some time to get into a wheelchair.

He had arrived at the hospital entrance in a lorry driven by a younger man, who can be seen helping him out.

An elderly woman also alights and speaks to the security officer after he claps at them and asks them to move on.

The video, taken from a vehicle behind the lorry, was put on TikTok by user Benedict Yeo, who asked: "Why the security guard didn’t show some sympathy?"

The driveway has a single yellow zigzag line, and pick-up and drop-off is understood to be allowed.

The hospital responded in a Facebook post on Friday, saying it had been alerted to an incident involving an Aetos security officer.

The officer was immediately removed from his duties at the hospital, which said it was investigating further.

“Tan Tock Seng Hospital values mutual respect and the safety and well-being of everyone in our hospital.  We will work with our vendor partners to reinforce these same values to their staff deployed here.  Our appreciation to members of the public for alerting us to this,” the post said.

Some of those commenting also praised the video for highlighting the incident.

Watch it here.



Why the security guard didn’t show some sympathy? 😭😭😭. Single zigzag line can do immediate drop-off right?

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