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Hougang homeowner suspects otter attack after finding $50,000 worth of koi dead in pond

This article is more than 12 months old

A couple were distraught to find their pet fish dead in the pond at their semi-detached home in Surin Avenue in Hougang on Tuesday (Dec 6) morning. 

The woman, surnamed Dai, told 8world that she and her husband woke up to find a few koi heads floating on the surface of the blood-tinged water. 

All but one of her 20 koi fish were killed –  some had their stomachs hollowed out, others only had heads left. 

Dai said the koi were imported from Japan and estimated to be worth around $50,000.

"I'm heartbroken! I've reared some of the koi for more than 30 years, they're just like my own children," she said. 

As her CCTV camera was faulty and did not capture footage of the incident, Dai does not know who the perpetrator is, but suspects that it was an otter attack. 

Noting that several potted plants near the fence had been knocked over, the critters might have sneaked in by climbing over the water pipes and plants, she said.

Dai's husband also told Shin Min Daily News that he had meshed up the gaps in the gate two months ago after hearing about otter attacks from his neighbours.

Dai said she contacted National Parks Board's (NParks) that same day, and was told hers was the first report of an otter attack in the area. 

Traumatised by the incident, the homeowner said she is worried that otters would return for her surviving koi, and added that she does not plan on rearing any more fish.