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Humour in the office goes a long way

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It is not always appropriate to crack a joke while at work, but telling one at the right time can be beneficial

In most corporate companies, it is common to view the workplace as a strict environment that follows standard protocols.

Although we might be having daily lunches with our colleagues, perhaps only the sound of keyboard taps and mouse clicks will be heard during actual working hours.

Won't you feel bored working six to eight hours a day five days a week if such a situation exists at your workplace?

In a corporate workplace, it is frequent to see a minimalist interior so as to portray a professional front.

With a simple design, it also seeks to maintain the productivity and concentration of the employees.

Tension and stress are unavoidable. Thus, there is a need to balance the highly rhythmic working pace.

Having light conversations with some humour with colleagues could release positive energy and stimulate each other's performance.

Unfortunately, many employers argue that humour reflects an unserious attitude.

Therefore, let us look at the advantages of having a little humour in your office.


Laughter tends to stimulate a more intimate and better conversation.

When someone is telling a joke, others would pay attention and listen more attentively.

This will help in livening up the relationship between colleagues and also increase positivity in a person.


Joking around can encourage people to work better together, helping them to become a reliable team.

It also reduces conflicts, which often happen in a workplace, as the use of humour can be an ice-breaker.

Too much of joking around may not be ideal, but a joke can lighten up the atmosphere at work, even for those who are not involved. Listening to people laughing allows ourselves to feel a sense of happiness too.


A sense of humour in a person can be part of a positive attitude.

When a person is faced with issues at work, he or she would be able to view it from more perspectives with optimism.


Innovative thinking, a crucial need in every company, can be better produced in a cheerful environment compared to a boring one.

Mr Chris Robert, assistant professor at University of Missouri-Columbia's Robert J. Trulaske Sr. College of Business, found that joking around can increase the employee's productivity.


As leaders of a company, a sense of humour can translate into higher levels of credibility and competency.

Employees would also be more respectful and tend to be closer to leaders who love a joke now and then.

Also, a humorous employer will be able to convey criticism to his employees through a light and purposeful manner so that negativity will be reduced or non-existent.


Healthiness follows happiness. Laughing a hundred times can burn as many calories as 10 minutes on a stationary bicycle!

Also, where there is more laughter, there is less stress -cheerful workplaces are proven to diminish burnouts and stress, resulting in employees maintaining their overall well-being.

Employees will not be taking medical leaves as often, and it helps in making sure that work will not be affected.

Humour can be a friend or a foe.

When humour goes uncontrolled and offends other people through racism and their physical appearance, gender and performance, it creates a negative effect instead of a positive one.

Having a joke now and then to cut down the burnouts is necessary, but when it starts to take up a larger portion of the work hours, dismiss it.

Have a little fun in the workplace, but remember to stay focussed on the job.

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