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'I will end your life right now': Student threatens teacher in class amid laughter

A secondary school student was caught on video recently threatening his teacher, at one point telling the older man “I will end your life right now.”

In a viral video posted on several social media platforms on Tuesday (Aug 23), a male secondary school student was videoed behaving aggressively towards a teacher in a classroom. 

At the start of the 55-second clip, the teacher shouts "don't scold me" at least three times at the boy who, in response, yanks down his face mask and says "what are you going to do about it?" while pointing his finger at the teacher's face.

The teacher then reminds him to refrain from saying the "four-letter word", suggesting that he had used an expletive, to which the boy retorts, "get a bloody life first". 

Someone in the background could also be heard saying "fight, fight", much to the amusement of the other students.

At one point, the teen points a finger that brushes against the teacher’s arm.

"Don't touch me," the teacher yells repeatedly, to which the boy says "you watch your mouth". 

The boy also threatens: "I will end your life right now". 

The students in the video were wearing what looks like St Andrew's Secondary School's uniform.

In a statement to the media, the school said it was aware of the incident, adding: "We take a serious view on disrespectful behaviour towards staff and the student has been disciplined. We have also engaged the student's parents, and will work closely with them to counsel and guide him."

Netizens slammed the boy’s behaviour and disrespect, calling him a "spoiled brat". 

But there was one comment that suggested the teacher should not have raised his voice at the boy. 

One commenter also pointed out that the person who recorded the video could get into trouble as well.

According to information on the school's website, anyone who records or posts material on social media that causes the reputation of the school to suffer will be punished.