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Indian food stall charges helper $3.50 for towgay and rice, netizens say 'daylight robbery'

What would you do if you were charged $3.50 for a plate of white rice and a scoop of towgay?

One helper was charged exactly that at a stall in Sixth Avenue, leading her employer to cry “daylight robbery”.

In a Facebook post on Dec 5, Noel Goh wrote that his helper had purchased the meal from Thenral Briyani Palace from a Sixth Avenue coffee shop. 

An image of the food showed the rice in a takeaway box topped with a scoop of bean sprouts. 

Goh added that when the stall's employees were questioned about the price, they replied: "All things (are) expensive". 

Goh wasn't the only one who felt his helper was overcharged.

One netizen in the comments said the stall employees had “bullied” Goh's helper and encouraged him to capture evidence to complain. 

Another pointed out that despite the stall being located in an upscale area, there was still no reason for the bean sprouts to cost so much. 

In comparison, a review left on Thenral Briyani Palace's Facebook page on Aug 16 this year showed a similar order of white rice and bean sprouts. However, the meal also included items such as potato and cabbage, and the diner shared that he paid $4.50 for the meal. 


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