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Jail, fine for man who threatened police officers

A man who had spent over 18 years behind bars for a variety of offences spat, shoved and threatened police officers when he was arrested for drug possession.

As Clarence Selvarajoo, 47, was transported to a police station, he told police officers: "When I come out, I will find you."

Last Friday, the Singaporean was sentenced to eight months and 17 weeks' jail, and fined $5,500.

He had pleaded guilty to nine charges, including abusing police officers, theft and drug possession.

Another six charges for offences such as flouting Covid rules and abusive behaviour were taken into consideration.

Clarence will have to spend an additional 22 days behind bars for breaching his remission order. He was supposed to remain out of trouble after receiving an early release from prison on Jan 2.

The court heard that on March 7, Clarence was drinking beer with three friends and making noise near a supermarket in Teck Whye Lane.

At 9pm, three police officers went down after someone complained about the noise. The officers noticed that Clarence was not wearing his mask correctly.

When told to do so, he got agitated and challenged the officer to a fight, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Hidayat Amir.

After Clarence was detained, the officers conducted a search and found in his sling bag 11g of fragmented vegetable matter, which turned out to be a type of new psychoactive substance.

They also found utensils to consume the synthetic drug.

He was taken to the Woodlands Police Division Headquarters. But as they arrived at the station, he spat at the officer sitting next to him in the car and shoved him three times with his knee, said DPP Hidayat, who added that the officer was not injured.

Clarence then said to the officers: "When I come out, I will find you."

DPP Hidayat described Clarence's offence as "brazen" and added that it was committed while he was restricted in movement.

"The composite picture which emerges is the accused's penchant (for) and lack of restraint in resorting to verbal abuse against just about anyone, (whether) complete strangers or even law enforcement officers," he added.

Clarence's jail term was backdated to Sept 8 when he was placed in remand. - THE STRAITS TIMES