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Jail for man who spat at, scolded others on buses

A man who was repeatedly spotted not wearing his mask properly on public buses lashed out at the drivers when caught.

William Aw Chin Chai, now 50, was yesterday sentenced to five weeks and 10 days in jail and a fine of $6,000. He had pleaded guilty to nine charges for offences including harassment and using criminal force on another person.

The court heard that Aw was on bus service 162 at around 9am on March 27 last year when a 56-year-old Indonesian woman boarded the vehicle. Aw suddenly stood up when she took the seat behind him and spat twice at her face, exclaiming: "You virus, go away."

The Singaporean struck again on June 28 last year, when he boarded SBS service 93 at around 12.30pm and was later spotted not wearing his mask properly.

The driver stopped the vehicle at a bus stop in Ubi Avenue 1 to inform his employer's operation centre about this.

Aw scolded the driver after he heard this and was stepping off the bus when he spat in the man's direction, causing some of his spittle to land on the steering wheel.

On Aug 8 last year, Aw was seen wearing his mask around his chin when he boarded service 54 at around 6pm. The driver asked him to wear it properly and Aw initially complied but later pulled it down several times. About 10 minutes later, the driver stopped at a bus stop in Bishan and told Aw to alight as he refused to listen to instructions. Aw hurled vulgarities at the man before alighting.

The fourth incident took place on June 16, after Aw boarded bus service 32 at around 5.30pm. He used vulgar language to abuse a man who was sitting near him.

In an unrelated incident, Aw was caught pulling down his trousers and defecating into a plastic bag at a Eunos Crescent laundromat on April 6.