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Jail for woman and boyfriend for attack on her ex-lover

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A woman, with her ex-husband and boyfriend, punched and kicked her former lover and hit him with a foldable chair.

They even pulled down his pants and took photos of him in a dispute over her three-year-old daughter, a district court heard yesterday.

Siti Norhaizah Abdullah, 31, was sentenced to six weeks' jail for causing hurt to Mr Muhammad Abdul Latip, 31, at the common corridor of a block in Bukit Batok West Avenue 4.

Her boyfriend, stall assistant Rahmat Jumari, 29, was jailed nine months for causing grievous hurt to Mr Muhammad on Jan 27 last year.

He received the same sentence as Siti's former husband, driver Abdul Halil Osman, 32, who has since completed his jail term.

Siti and Rahmat, who plan to get married, deferred their sentence to April 21 to make care arrangements for her five children, aged three to 11.

Four of them are Mr Abdul Halil's, but the father of the youngest child is not known.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Clement Yong said the two men went with Siti to Mr Muhammad's home at about 6.30am that day with the intention of helping her take back her daughter, who had been living with the victim and his mother.

Siti knocked on the door and asked to see her daughter while the two men waited at the staircase landing.

When Siti and Mr Muhammad started arguing, Mr Abdul Halil joined in the argument.

Shortly after, Rahmat punched Mr Muhammad on the back of his neck a few times.

When Mr Muhammad turned around, Mr Abdul Halil hit him three times on the back of the head with a chair. When he fell, Rahmat kicked him in his back.

Both men started to punch and kick him multiple times.

When he tried to crawl away, Siti blocked him.

Rahmat continued raining punches on the victim's face. Mr Abdul Halil then passed the chair to Siti, who used it to hit the area around his knee. She also kicked him a few times.

Rahmat then pulled down Mr Muhammad's pants and Siti took photos of him with a mobile phone.

Mr Muhammad's injuries included a fracture to his forehead.

Lawyer Gino Hardial Singh said in mitigation that Rahmat had been there to lend moral support to Siti. She was trying to take her daughter back from the victim, who had refused to return the child. He said it was essentially a family dispute that escalated into an assault.

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