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Jailed 10 weeks for spitting at police officer, fined $1,500 for two other offences

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He punched a man on the face four to five times, later spitting at a police officer and turning aggressive.

Vikneshson Marian Devasagayam, 24, who faced seven charges, pleaded guilty to using criminal force on a public servant; causing hurt; disorderly behaviour; and conducting himself in such a manner as to annoy patrons of a coffeeshop and pulling a carpark barrier belonging to Ramky Group.

He was jailed for 10 weeks and fined a total of $1,500 or 10 days’ jail in default on Friday (June 23).

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Daphne Lim said that Vickneshson was holding a beer bottle when he walked past Mr Alex Yao Yang and Mr Ang Ding Neng who were chatting at the void deck of Block 569 Pasir Ris Street 51 on June 17 last year.

Perceiving that he was being laughed at, he confronted them. A verbal altercation ensued.

In the course of the argument, Vikneshson pushed Mr Yao’s shoulder and swung the beer bottle, which Mr Ang had blocked with his hand.

Both men then punched Vikneshson, who called the police.

While waiting for the police to arrive, Vikneshson said to the duo: “so you think you very good” and “who is going to pay for the ambulance”. He punched Mr Yao on the face four to five times.

When police arrived, Vikneshson behaved aggressively. Two plainclothes police officers arrived shortly and identified themselves.

When investigation officer S. Uthayakumar told Vikneshson that he had to follow them to the station for further investigation, he became agitated, came close to the officer and did a blowing action with his mouth, causing spittle to land on Mr Kumar’s face.

Vickneshson was placed under arrest.

When he was brought to the ground, he spat at the officer. The spittle landed on his shoes.

In another incident on July 5, Vikneshson had a heated argument and shouting match with his uncle during a drinking session at Kopitiam at Block 108, Punggol Field. He flipped the chairs and tables at the coffeeshop.

When police arrived, Vikneshson became aggressive and challenged them to arrest him.

He kicked the tables and chairs at the coffeeshop and shouted at his uncle. He continued behaving rowdily despite warnings by the police.

DPP Lim said at 1.38am on May 21 this year, police found Vikneshson reeking of alcohol and lying on the ground at Pasir Ris Street 72, and shouting.

When officers tried to calm him down, he suddenly stood up and walked unsteadily towards the road. He also shouted at patrons of a nearby coffeeshop.

He lost his balance and fell on the road, near the carpark entrance of West Plaza.

He tried to stand up and he pulled the carpark barrier, causing it to be dislodged. But it was placed back to its original position and no damage was caused.


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