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Keep records when going to third-party workshop, says MTA

This article is more than 12 months old

To avoid warranty disputes, car owners are advised to keep proper records when they go to third-party workshops.

The Singapore Motor Traders Association (MTA) yesterday said vehicle owners may find it difficult to make warranty claims for a defect or malfunction if this was caused by "any repair, servicing or other actions carried out by third parties".

It said authorised motor dealers have the right to reject warranty claims for parts "replaced or modified by third parties".

MTA's statement was in response to remarks made by the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) last week.

The CCS said on Dec 11 that authorised dealers had agreed to remove a clause that voids warranty cover should a car owner go to a third-party workshop.

MTA said: "To avoid any complications when claiming warranty for vehicles not serviced by authorised motor dealers, motorists should keep proper records of their servicing."

They should keep detailed invoices of their vehicle servicing. The invoices should show proof of purchase of genuine parts, with part serial numbers.

These records would help support warranty claims.

MTA also explained why servicing at authorised dealers' workshops costs more than at third-party workshops.

"A car is made up of some 30,000 parts and is an amalgamation of more than eight separate but interconnected systems. Every component or part has been rigorously tested by the manufacturer to ensure they complement each other so that the vehicle performs optimally.

"Thus, using the proper parts, tools and equipment, and having the correct procedure and proper technique to service and/or replace the part/car are critical."