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Last man in wife-sharing case found guilty of raping woman

The last of seven men to be dealt with in a case where husbands with wife-sharing fantasies had their own partners drugged and raped was convicted by the High Court on Monday.

The 45-year-old finance executive, O, had been invited by J to rape J’s unconscious wife on their wedding anniversary.

J, the central figure in the case, had fed his wife sedatives and invited five men over to rape his wife on separate occasions between 2010 and 2018.

O was the only one of the men to claim trial instead of pleading guilty. He contested a charge of conspiring with J so that he can rape J’s wife at J’s flat between 2010 and 2011.

During O’s trial, which began in August, J testified that he had invited O over to rape his wife on March 14, 2011, which was their third wedding anniversary.

J testified that he and his wife had wine to celebrate the occasion, and he spiked her drink with sleeping pill Dormicum.

He said that when he saw O having sex with his unconscious and blindfolded wife, he felt anger, thrill, and then guilt.

But O denied that there was an agreement between him and J for him to rape J’s wife. He also denied raping the victim.

He contended that the reason J had asked him over was to confront him for having an affair with J’s wife. She and O had consensual sex in September 2010, after J gave him her contact details.

O claimed that he “freaked out” inside the flat, and that when he was asked by J whether he wanted to touch the victim, he pretended to touch himself sexually in an attempt to get out of the situation.

He said he then chatted with J for a while before he left the flat.

These claims were rejected by Justice Mavis Chionh, who said O’s account was inconsistent, illogical and implausible, and defied common sense.

The judge said it made no sense for J to make his wife unconscious if he wanted to confront her and O for having an affair.  

She noted that O made no attempt to check on the woman after he saw her lying motionless on the bed, despite his claim that he had gone to the flat out of concern for the victim.

Justice Chionh added that O’s assertion that J was angry with him was irreconcilable with the fact that in the years following the incident, both men continued to interact with each other to talk about their sexual fantasies.

She said the prosecution has proved that the two men were engaged in a conspiracy.

As for whether O had raped the victim, the judge said J’s account of what happened in the bedroom was internally and externally consistent, and corroborated by other evidence; in contrast, O’s account was “not only riddled with inconsistencies; it defies common sense”.

The case was adjourned to Jan 12, 2024, for sentencing. O also faces eight other stood-down charges, including those for posting obscene images on online sex forum Sammyboy.

O and J had met on the forum. O had started a thread titled “Wife Fantasy” in April 2010 and invited like-minded men to contact him. He and J then discussed their fantasies in private chats.

In 2010, J asked O to approach J’s wife, and provided O with her contact details.

Using the fake persona of “Brad Chan”, O contacted the woman and started to chat with her online. About a month later, on Aug 17, 2010, they met for dinner at Punggol Park.

On Sept 2, 2010, O met J’s wife for lunch at East Coast Parkway. After lunch, O took her to a nearby resort hotel, where they had consensual sex.

She later cut off contact with O and blocked him on social media because he had tried to convince her to have a “threesome” with him and her husband.

The six other men, including J, are serving between three and 29 years in prison after pleading guilty to their respective charges. Four of them were also each sentenced to between 20 and 24 strokes of the cane.