Less rain in next two weeks, but monsoon season to continue

There will be less rain in the next two weeks, although the monsoon season is set to continue into the second half of this month.

Short thundery showers are expected over parts of Singapore in the afternoon on most days, said the weatherman yesterday.

This is because of strong heating of land areas in the day and the convergence of winds in the vicinity.

The showers may extend into the evening on a few days.

Windy conditions are also expected to accompany the rain, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

But the weather is expected to be less wet compared with the first two weeks of this month, it added.

On the whole, rainfall for this month is forecast to be below average over most parts of Singapore.

Over the next two weeks, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 24 deg C and 33 deg C, said MSS.

The temperature could rise up to 34 deg C on days when there is little or no rainfall.

The highest daily temperature recorded in the last two weeks was 34.4 deg C in Paya Lebar on Dec 8, while the lowest daily temperature was 22.4 deg C in Sembawang last Friday. - THE STRAITS TIMES