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Made-in-SG satellites

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With six satellites orbiting the Earth, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) says it now has the ability to design, build and operate small satellite systems for commercial use.

In a statement yesterday, the university said its team is "ready to take on more commercial satellite payloads from companies and industry partners".

This comes barely five years after the launch of its first satellite.

Two months ago, the university successfully launched VELOX-CI - Singapore's first climate monitoring satellite - and VELOX-II, the world's first small satellite which carries "communication-on-demand" technology that can send data back to NTU anytime and anywhere from space.

The university said that experiments in space conducted by the two new satellites "have proven the commercial viability of several new made-in-Singapore satellite technologies".

It said that these new technologies include a space navigation system, precise and fast-locking GPS receivers and radiation resistant hardware.

NTU provost Freddy Boey said the continued success of NTU's satellite programme reinforces the university's reputation for having strong multi-disciplinary research capabilities and applied engineering expertise.

"...In just a few years, we have proven that NTU has what it takes to play a major role in supporting Singapore's leap into the space industry," said Prof Boey.


He said that NTU is among the "very few universities in the world" that have designed and successfully operated six satellites in space.

"With this track record, we can now offer our satellite building expertise to international and Singapore companies that are hoping to develop innovative space products for the global market."

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