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Maid spilled hot soup on son, left sex aids around house and took photo of naked daughter

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An employer said her maid spent hours in the toilet video-calling men and masturbating, and on one occasion, took a photo with the employer's naked five-year-old daughter.

Stomper K said the Indonesian maid, Neti, also spilled hot soup on her toddler son, constantly exchanged texts with her "sugar daddies", and borrowed money from an illegal moneylender.

The maid had started working for the Stomper in December last year.

The first incident happened in April when Neti spilled hot soup on the boy.

The Stomper said the toddler ended up with second-degree burns on his face, and that KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) also lodged a police report over the incident, to which she received a warning. 

Things just escalated from there.

The Stomper said: "From all the hours at home with no children disturbing her or taking up her time, she still couldn't upkeep the house."

K alleged that the maid would be "stuck in the toilet for two hours video-calling men and masturbating in there" – though it was not ascertained how she knew this for sure.

The Stomper said Neti would often leave her sex aids (toys, sex vitamins) within reach of the kids. When confronted, she told the employer they were for blackhead removal.

K also saw text messages between the maid and "three men that she went hotel with - one of them marrried; all three in their 40s to 60s".

She added that Neti had three phones and would sometimes make TikTok videos with the kids, despite being told not to.


The Stomper has made police reports about the maid borrowing money from an illegal moneylender and taking a photo of her naked daughter.

She said Neti was sent back on Sept 5, and has warned others not to hire her.

In response to a Stomp query, police confirmed that the police reports were lodged.

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