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Man 'attacked from behind with sharp weapon' near Clarke Quay, police investigating

Police are investigating an incident in which a 30-year-old man was allegedly attacked by an unknown assailant on Sunday (March 20).

The victim's girlfriend, Ms Yilin Low, said the incident occurred in the vicinity of Keng Cheow Street and Merchant Road after 10.30pm.

"My boyfriend was with his friend near Riverside Plaza and wanted to go to the nearby 7-Eleven store to buy water," she told Stomp.

"He was on the way to the convenience store alone when he was hit in the head from behind with a sharp weapon. He did not manage to see his attacker as it was too sudden."

The Straits Times quoted the man, a 30-year-old financial consultant identified ony as Mr Chua, as saying he had no clue who had attacked him. "I'm shocked and clueless as to why I was attacked by a stranger," he said.

The victim was unable to recall if he turned around and his memories of what happened afterwards were foggy.

"My boyfriend was bleeding profusely but walked for one to two minutes to find his friend, who then called the ambulance," said Ms Low, 26, a freelance designer.

"He lost a lot of blood and has had two operations."

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call for help from the area around 11.05pm that night and took a man to Singapore General Hospital.

Ms Low told ST that when she arrived at the hospital, Mr Chua's friends were seated in a waiting area in tears, their clothes bloodied.

When she saw her boyfriend, his head had been shaved and he had been given some 20 stitches to patch up three large gashes on his head.

According to Ms Low, her boyfriend was discharged from hospital on Wednesday, but still suffers from dizziness and pain.

She quoted the doctor as saying that he was injured by a sharp object measuring between 8cm and 10cm.

The couple are appealing for witnesses to come forward with more information.

Ms Low also posted a Facebook video showing her boyfriend lying bloodied on the ground.

The police confirmed that a report had bee lodged and they are investigating.

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