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Man finds muddy clams on his cai png plate, stall admits to being 'negligent'

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Watch for the ones that don't open after cooked

A cai png stall in Bukit Batok has admitted that it was "negligent" after a customer took to TikTok to reveal how his meal had clams that were filled with mud. 

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man, referred to as Ah Du, ordered a plate of rice with clams and other dishes from the stall, at a coffeeshop at Block 347 Bukit Batok Street 34, on Aug 18.

In a video which he uploaded to TikTok, the man said he discovered that three clams had mud inside just as he was finishing his meal.

As clams will naturally open while being cooked, those that remain unopened are a sign that something is wrong, he said.

He decided to check the unopened clams out of curiosity..

Ah Du also clarified that he did not ask for a refund as he had prepared himself for the possibility of a few bad clams in the food.

However, he did not expect to be so unlucky, he added.

"I opened the clams and felt sick. If I had known earlier this would have happened, I would not have opened them – my stomach felt weird the entire night," he said.



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When a commentator urged Ah Du to report the incident to the Singapore Food Agency, he replied, "Forget it, I only want people to know that they need to be more careful in the future."

When Shin Min visited the stall on Saturday (Aug 27) to inquire about the incident, one of the staff admitted that they had been "negligent" in this instance.

The employee was quoted as saying:

"We usually soak the clams in salt water first, then boil them for a period of time, and pick out the clams that don't open one by one. Usually, the clams that do not open contain mud. This incident was due to our negligence. The management has sent people to supervise us for a few days, and we will be more cautious next time."

The employee added that some customers have also asked to change dishes when they returned to the stall with clams that did not open:

"In response to this incident, if the diner came back and asked for a refund, I could also refund him. However, the diner didn't tell us about the problem at the time.

“We have been opening the stall for eight or nine years, and this is the first time someone complained online. Next time customers can report the problem directly to us so that we can deal with it in a timely manner."