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Man gets 4 weeks' jail for pushing police officer

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An engineering manager, who was drunk, pushed an officer in the chest when police came to attend to a domestic dispute.

Li Xiangnan, 31, a Chinese national, was jailed for four weeks on Monday (Sept 25), after he admitted to using criminal force on Sergeant Goh Wei Xiang, 31, to deter him from his duty at a Boon Tiong Road flat on Feb 9.

Investigations showed that on Feb 8 at about 11pm, Li returned to the rental flat in Tiong Bahru with his wife. He was drunk at the time.

He had a quarrel with his wife, who had scolded him for getting too intimate with her friend.

Angry, Li threw an electric kettle, a fan and a porcelain cup onto the floor. Police were called to the scene.

Three police officers came and interviewed Li, who was uncooperative and refused to answer questions. Li shouted at the officers for interfering in his family matters.

Officers advised him to calm down, to no avail.

Sgt Goh and his colleagues, who were on duty, were called in to help. They arrived at the flat at about 11.50pm.

At about 12.15am, Sgt Goh was standing in front of Li when the latter stood up and shouted his wife's name and demanded that she come out of her room.

He then tried to move towards the room.

Sgt Goh told him to sit as he did not want the matter to escalate further. Li then turned towards the victim and pushed him in the chest.

Li was arrested after putting up a violent struggle.

He could have been jailed for up to four years and/or fined for using criminal force on a public servant in the discharge of his duty.

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