Man jailed six months for assaulting police officers, again

This article is more than 12 months old

About two months ago, Jeffridin Ramli was convicted and sentenced to 20 weeks' jail for spitting at a police officer and twisting a senior staff nurse's little finger.

Eleven days after his release from prison, the 49-year-old re-offended by pushing three police officers in the chest.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to six months' jail after pleading guilty to using criminal force to deter Special Constabulary (SC) Sergeant Mohamed Musadhiq Abdul Aziz, 21, SC Corporal Amirul Nashruddin Sulaiman, 22, and SC Sergeant Md Riyas Abdul Jaleel, 26, from discharging their duties at Kranji MRT station on Sept 15.

He was given an enhanced sentence of 35 days' jail for breach of the basic condition order under the Prisons Act.

District Judge Kessler Soh, who backdated his sentence to Sept 16, told him that he really needed to manage his anger.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Si En said the three officers, attached to the Public Transport Security Command (Transcom), were on patrol at Kranji MRT station just before 9pm that day when they saw Jeffridin behaving suspiciously.

They stopped Jeffridin who was fidgeting and speaking in a slurred manner. While the officers were checking his belongings, he became angry and stamped his feet. He then raised his voice and accused them of using vulgarities on him, which they had not.

Jeffridin was asked to proceed to the Transcom room for further investigation when he pushed Sgt Riyas in the chest with his hands.

When Cpl Amirul tried to calm him down, he, too, was pushed.

Jeffridin refused to listen to Sgt Musadhiq and pushed him as well.

DPP Tan, who sought a total sentence of 24 weeks' jail, said Jeffridin had been convicted of three violence-related offences against public servants since 2006.

The latest was on Sept 4 when Jeffridin, who had hepatitis C, spat at a staff sergeant and caused hurt to a nurse at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Jeffridin's previous stints in prison had clearly not deterred him from re-offending and a significant increase in sentence was thus warranted, she added.