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Man with mask down shouts on MRT he has ‘agenda’ and is ‘message from god’

It’s like bad behaviour on the roads. You can’t shout on an MRT train now and not expect a video to end up online.

Two men were involved in a dispute on the North-East Line and the video was posted on Facebook on Monday (Feb 28).

It involves shouting and swearing, finger-pointing and fake-punch throwing.

It is not clear from the video how the dispute started or what it was all about.

One man is standing, in shorts and a hoodie, and has his face mask down.

The other, in office attire, has his mask on properly.

None of the other passengers gets involved.

They include at least two children, one of whom, a boy, can be seen moving away.

The man who is seated seems to mention calling the police.

The other one says he is not scared and adds that he has an “agenda” that he claims to have posted on Facebook. And then he shouts: “You know, I’m a message from a god. Understand?”

From an MRT announcement that can be heard, the train is approaching Buangkok.

The seated man eventually gets up and moves away.

The vertical video, more than a minute long, was shot by someone standing near a carriage door some distance away, and was posted by Facebook user Loh Benghuat.

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