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Man tells woman: My children are lawyers... What are you?

This article is more than 12 months old

A woman found herself embroiled in an argument with a couple on board bus service 901 on Wednesday evening (Oct 19).

Stomper A told Stomp she was sitting in the bus when she heard someone watching a football match on his phone at a high volume right behind her.

"When I told the man to stop, he argued that the noise of the bus was louder. He got very nasty when I told him to stop his video, (but) it was irritatingly loud."

She then started to record her confrontation with the man and his wife and shared the footage with Stomp.

In the video, the man asks if she wants a smile and says: "Little brain material."

His wife chimes in and says: "The person who raised their voice first would lose, okay? We never raised our voice at you."

The man then adds that his children are lawyers and asks the Stomper: "What are you? You just play with your bloody empty brain."

They then encourage her to continue taking photos and videos of them before alighting the bus and calling the Stomper "nuts".

The Stomper added: "They were so self-entitled about their inconsiderate behaviour of... watching their video of a football match on a public bus," the Stomper said.

"As if everyone else is interested!

"Such people do not care for others and when called out, they get very nasty."

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