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Man threatened wife with rape by his friends

A man who allegedly threatened to rape his wife and also get his friends to do likewise has been given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for all five charges involving her, including assault and criminal intimidation.

Those given such a discharge can still be prosecuted for the same offences if relevant information or evidence were to emerge later.

The reasons for the discharge were not disclosed in court on Thursday. The 32-year-old man cannot be named owing to a gag order to protect his wife’s identity.

According to court documents, he allegedly pushed his wife against a bathroom wall in an Aljunied Crescent flat and choked her on Oct 16, 2020.

He was also accused of pouring shampoo on her head, with the liquid entering her eyes, and hitting her with a wet towel.

The man was said to have targeted her again between 11am and 1pm the next day by tearing her clothes, pointing a knife at her and pushing her face with his hands.

He was also accused of threatening to rape the woman and getting his friends to do the same.

In an earlier statement, the police said they received a call from the wife at around 2pm on Oct 17, 2020.

Officers arrested the man a week later. In September 2021, he was charged in court with two counts each of using criminal force on his wife and criminally intimidating her. He was also charged with assaulting her.

On Thursday, he was fined $3,000 after pleading guilty to an unrelated charge of assaulting a 69-year-old security officer.

On June 16, 2021, the man drove his van to a basement 2 carpark at Jewel Changi Airport at around 2.15pm and told the officer that he needed to stop the vehicle within the premises to make a delivery.

When the officer told him the van was not registered to enter the carpark, the accused raised his voice and they got into an argument, prompting one of the officer’s colleagues to step in.

The officer and his colleague then allowed the man to drive into the carpark to make a U-turn and exit immediately.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yee Jia Rong said: “After the accused entered the carpark, the victim took out his phone to take a photo of the van, so he could report the incident to his management. When the accused saw this, he stopped the van, alighted and walked over to the victim.

“The accused then punched the victim once on his left front chest area and once on his left back area. The victim did not retaliate but tried unsuccessfully to ward off the accused’s punches with his arms.”

The victim’s colleague separated the two men before the offender drove away.

On June 17, 2021, the victim went to Changi General Hospital where he was diagnosed with tenderness on his chest and back.

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