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Men treat wall in Jurong as a urinal, online video shows

This Facebook user can’t figure it out. Why do these men always pee on this wall in Jurong?

It happens every weekend at Enterprise Hub in Toh Guan Road, said the user, named Pauline Weewee, putting up a video on the Complaint Singapore page.

She pointed out that there was a coffee shop nearby where they could use the toilet.

AsiaOne reported that it had spoken to the user, Ms Wee, a 40-year-old administrative executive.

She had earlier raised the issue of littering at the same location.

She said CCTV footage had confirmed her suspicions that the culprits were foreign workers.

Comments on her latest video included references to people from “a certain country” and calls for them to be trained in Singapore culture before being allowed to work here.

There have been other reports of men urinating in public lately, though they did not seem to involve foreign workers.

The Malaysian police were reportedly on the lookout for two men, said to be from a Singapore car, who were seen peeing at the roadside near the Second Link in Johor on June 11, in full view of parked coaches.

In April, a video surfaced of a man getting out of a Singapore registered car and peeing in the parking lot.

In January last year, a woman walking to her car parked in a building in Gambas Crescent caught a man peeing in front of it.

According to her, he said he needed to go urgently, but chose to do it at her car, not his own parked there, or at a toilet a short walk away.

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