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Mercedes passenger shifts cones to cut queue on Causeway

Mercedes drivers get a bad rep (sometimes deserverdly). Unfortunately, they seem to make things worse by instigating their passengers to behave badly too.

In a Facebook post on SG Road Vigilante Admin, a  passenger of a Singapore-registered Mercedes gets out from the car to shift traffic cones out of the way.

This allegedly let the Mercedes cut ahead by using the lorry lane, according to the video caption. The incident took place on June 27 at 4.45pm.

The video shows the passenger exiting her vehicle and running towards the traffic cones in what looks like part of the Causeway leading to Singapore.

The passenger from the Singapore-registered Mercedes disembarked from her car to shift traffic cones out of the way.PHOTO: SGRV/FACEBOOK

She moves the cones to the side.

The Mercedes is then seen in front of the cones, with the passenger returning to the vehicle.

The video has gone viral on Facebook, with over 78,000 views so far.

Many users blasted the actions and some urged the Land Transport Authority to take action against them.

Some said that more firm measures to separate the lanes were necessary, such as kerbs.

Others said this behaviour was common among the elite on the Causeway.

Maybe it's time to go back to traffic school.