More than 70 warnings issued since stricter rules on tray return kicked in on June 1, Latest Singapore News - The New Paper

More than 70 warnings issued since stricter rules on tray return kicked in on June 1

A total of 73 written warnings were issued from June 1 to 7 after the authorities stepped up enforcement against those who do not return their used trays and crockery at hawker centres, foodcourts and coffee shops.

This figure excludes one issued written warning that was subsequently withdrawn, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in a joint release on Friday evening.

“In the past week, daily enforcement operations were undertaken at 95 hawker centres and 120 coffee shops/foodcourts,” said the agencies, adding that they had observed that the “vast majority” of diners took the initiative to remove table litter and return their trays and crockery.

Those issued a written warning were observed by enforcement officers to be physically able to clear their tables.

The agencies reiterated that that enforcement will not be taken against those who are observed to be unable to clear their tables, such as the frail andthe elderly, or children. In such instances, family members or dining companions, if present, should help with the clearing of the tables, they said.

NEA and SFA enforcement officers will record the particulars of diners who do not return their used trays, crockery and other litter, instead of first reminding them to do so before issuing a written warning for non-compliance, which was the practice before June 1.

The agencies also reminded diners not to leave behind any litter on the table, such as used tissues, drink cans, shells and bones. Such litter can be placed together with the trays and used crockery to be returned.

“While cleaners will wipe the tables after use, we do encourage diners to keep the tables clean as much as possible, especially during peak periods,” said the agencies.

“We thank the vast majority of diners who have displayed social graciousness at our hawker centres, coffee shops and foodcourts. We also urge the public to cooperate with enforcement officers if approached.”