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Higher ComCare cash assistance for vulnerable households from Aug 1

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ComCare cash assistance rates will be raised from Aug 1, in permanent enhancements made to its Short-to-Medium-Term Assistance (SMTA) and Long-Term Assistance (LTA) schemes.

This move by the Ministry of Social and Family Development is part of the support measures announced by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (June 21) to help households and businesses tackle economic challenges, such as higher global inflation.

A one-person household on ComCare LTA will receive higher cash assistance of $640 per month, versus the current $600 a month.

A two-person household will get $1,080 per month, up from $1,000.

A three-person household will receive $1,510, up from $1,400, while a four-person household will get $1,930, up from $1,750.

MSF said the increase will benefit around 4,000 households, most of whom are elderly with little or no income and family support.

The cash assistance is part of a support package which can include medical care at public healthcare institutions, social services and community support.

Those who apply for ComCare SMTA or apply to renew their existing SMTA can also expect to receive higher cash aid and support for utility expenses.

The amount will depend on the household's composition, needs and income.

The increase will apply automatically to ComCare LTA recipients, and for new or renewed applications for SMTA from Aug 1.

The enhancements follow temporary measures announced in April to help low-income households cope with increases in cost of living arising from global supply chain disruptions and the Ukraine war.

Those temporary measures remain in place until Sept 30 and will enable new ComCare SMTA beneficiaries to receive at least six months of assistance.

Current beneficiaries who renew their applications will get at least three additional months of assistance.

Apart from enhanced ComCare assistance, there will be an additional payout of up to $300 for GSTV-Cash recipients in August. This will benefit about 1.5 million Singaporeans.

Every Singaporean household will receive $100 in September to help offset utility bills.

The Singapore Allowance and monthly pension ceiling for pensioners who draw lower pensions will be enhanced by $30 each, to $350 and $1,280 respectively.

The Singapore Allowance is an additional payment introduced in 1974 to help pensioners who draw lower pensions.

Since its introduction, it has been increased 14 times - the last time in 2019 - taking into account factors such as inflationary pressures.