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Motorcyclist gets hit by two cars in Johor en route to Singapore for work

A Malaysian motorcyclist is under intensive care in the hospital after he was hit by two cars while on his way to work in Singapore. 

The accident happened at about 3am last Friday (June 2) along Kota Tinggi Road in Johor Bahru, reported Shin Min Daily News

The man, surnamed Liang, has been working as a chef here for 10 years. 

Liang's older sister told Shin Min that the accident involved a car whose driver lost control and crashed into a tree. 

Liang was unable to avoid the oncoming vehicle and was knocked down. 

Two other riders stopped to try and lift Liang to the side of the road, but were unable to move him. One of them then helped to direct traffic away from the accident site. 

However, moments later, an oncoming car failed to stop in time and hit both Liang and one of the riders. 

The rider fractured his left foot while Liang lost consciousness. 

"My brother was still conscious after the first accident, but he passed out after he was hit a second time," said his sister. 

She added that the second driver tried to flee the scene but was stopped by fellow drivers. 

Currently on life support, Liang’s pelvis and left rib are broken. His diaphragm is also ruptured and he is unable to breathe on his own. 

Liang’s sister said she was grateful to the riders who helped her brother, and hopes they will make a police report. 

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