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MRT nursing mum: Breastfeeding in public is normal

This article is more than 12 months old

A photo of a mother breastfeeding without a cover in an MRT train has stirred up a debate about nursing in public.

The photo of Ms Cheryl Lee was taken by a passenger when the housewife was on her way home on Tuesday after a gown and clothes fitting for the Mrs Singapore pageant.

In the photo, Ms Lee, who is wearing a tube top, seems focused on something on her husband's mobile phone, while her daughter is feeding.

She only found out someone had taken her photo when friends pointed it out on Facebook page Must See Singapura News.

The mother of three, who declined to reveal her age, was "a little upset", but said "at least the response has been positive".


She said in a Facebook post on Wednesday night: "I am not too bothered about it since I don't think it is wrong to breastfeed in public.

"I have a nursing cover, but my girl will cry and struggle when I use it. Those who suggest using a cover should try eating or drinking under a cover and see if you like it or not.

"I put my baby first so as long as she is comfortable and feeding well, I don't really care what others think."

Her post has been shared over 750 times and has received mostly positive comments.

Many praised her for taking a stand and putting her child's needs first, with some saying people should stop sexualising breastfeeding.

Some detractors, though, felt she should have covered up.

Ms Lee said she has been breastfeeding in public since her eldest son, who is seven, was born. She used a nursing cover for him as he did not mind it.