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Neighbour from hell: Woman drips urine from mop onto man's shoe rack

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Upset that her next-door neighbour placed a shoe rack along the common corridor, an elderly woman drizzled urine all over the neighbour’s shoes.

According to, the woman has been allegedly harassing her neighbour since 2021.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told Mothership the dispute began when he placed a shoe rack outside his unit – a HDB flat in Bukit Panjang.

He said the woman was against him doing so, saying it was "her territory".

Since then, the woman would throw his things away and dirty the walkway.

"Almost every day, she will do something stupid. She threw our flower pots, threw our broom and dust pan, put her old junk from her house outside our unit, threw our delivery bags, and left her bags of rubbish outside our unit," he said.

The victim shared closed-circuit television footage of the woman being a nuisance in various ways. 

One footage shows her dumping a toddler’s bicycle at the victim's doorstep, while another shows her knocking over the man’s items.


What takes the cake, though, is footage of her “mopping” the man’s windows and later dripping liquid from the mop over the man’s shoe rack and footwear.

The victim said the smell clearly indicated that the liquid was urine.

He added that he has since lodged a police report, and the case has been referred to the Housing Board.

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