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Neighbour writes scathing notes to resident who dumped sofa along corridor

This article is more than 12 months old

Exasperated by a neighbour’s inconsiderate act of dumping a sofa along the corridor of an Ang Mo Kio HDB block, a resident penned several letters admonishing the person. 

In a post on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Monday (Jan 16), the upset resident showed photos of the notes pasted onto the sofa that was obstructing access to the walkway and lift.

There were several notes – written in English and Chinese.

The Facebook post has since been removed. 

In the English note, which was written in cursive, the resident called out the neighbour's inconsiderate behaviour and labelled them "poor".

"I write to protest the grave inconsiderate act of yours," the resident wrote.

"I comprehend you are probably weighed down by a scarcity mindset and tunnel vision and that is why you are so poor.

"Your wanton attitude and inconsiderate mannerism put you at risk of making bad choices that feed your poverty cycle."

The writer then chided the neighbour by explaining how their actions caused a potential fire hazard while reducing accessibility for "physically challenged" residents.

There were also other notes written in Chinese, though it's unclear if they were written by the same resident.

In the Chinese variation, that writer took a more poetic approach.

"In society, there are people of high and low status, but there's no lowliness or nobility in character," the letter read.

"As such, why would you choose to be a lowlife?"

According to SCDF's fire safety guidelines, no objects wider than 1.2 metres should be placed along the common corridor.

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