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Netflix phishing scams: At least $12,500 lost in July

Phishing scams cases involving spoof e-mails from Netflix are emerging again, with at least five people falling victim to the ruse in July, said the police.

In a statement on Monday (July 18), police said the total losses from the scams have added up to at least $12,500.

In the scam, victims would first receive e-mails, allegedly from trusted sources like Netflix, containing a web link to renew subscriptions.

Upon clicking on the links, victims would be redirected to phishing websites where they would be asked to provide their credit or debit card details and one-time passwords or OTP.

Victims would realise that they have been scammed only when they discover unauthorised transactions that had been made using their credit or debit card.

The police said people should take precautions when they receive similar e-mails claiming to be from trusted sources like Netflix.

That would include ensuring that the e-mail domain matches the merchant requesting for payment, and checking if the website link appears dubious.

Screenshots of phishing emails from Netflix with “” email domain. PHOTOS: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

The police added that people should follow crime prevention measures such as not clicking on web links provided in unsolicited e-mails and text messages, verifying the authenticity of the information with the official website or sources, and not disclosing personal or Internet banking details and OTP to anyone.

People should also report any fraudulent credit or debit card charges to the respective banks and cancel your card immediately, the statement added.