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Netizens make fun of woman who accused cabby of looking at her chest in mirror

This article is more than 12 months old

A video of a woman scolding a cabby for staring at her breasts in the rearview mirror has netizens almost entirely taking sides against her.

The video was shared online by SG Road Vigilante.

Many who commented not only defended the taxi driver, who, they felt, was just earning an honest living, but poured scorn on her.

"If you can see your own breasts from the rear seat, it means the driver cannot see them," said one.

“Someone buy her a mirror so she able to learn how a mirror works," said another.

A third one said: "Poor taxi uncle got bullied by a lady who don't know secondary school physics.”

The woman speaks aggressively and the cabby seems to have trouble understanding her.

Eventually she says she doesn't want to go on and asks him to stop at a convenience store for her to alight.

And all the while she seems to have been recording the video.

Some noticed discrepancies in her account and felt the whole thing must have been faked.

Others pointed out the absurdity of what she was doing.

“I find it funny. You can take a video of the mirror on your breast and show on fb. But you cannot show to the taxi uncle.”

Another said: “Now everyone watching this video is also watching your breast. LOL”

The woman asks the driver for his name and keeps insisting on his providing it. And this too has netizens wondering if she has any right to do that.

And of course, many, like this user, pointed out what seems obvious: “There is a simple solution to this if you are feeling uncomfortable when you think the mirror is pointing at your breast (even when it’s obviously not the case) Shift to the other side of the back seat..”