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Netizens mock mother who forbids child from eating birthday cakes at pre-school

A slice of cake? Ah boy, why don’t you have fruit instead?

One mother has come under criticism after sharing in a TikTok video about how she “encourages” her son to stay away from eating birthday cakes in school.  

TikTok user Kyraxinyu, who has a son in pre-school in N1, meaning he’s aged 2-3 years old, explained her “no cake rule” in a three-minute video on Dec 1. 

She said: "When his friends are eating cakes during their birthday celebrations at his (pre-school), I get the teachers to offer him fruits instead.

"But he's more than welcome to sing and celebrate the happy occasion with them."

The only exception is during her son's birthday.

That excessive amount of sweet treats is too much even for adults, let alone a growing child who needs the right nutrients, Kyraxinyu said, adding that she does not want her child to associate junk food with celebrations. 

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In the comments, several netizens chided the mother for "depriving" the child at such a young age. 

"You sound like such a fun mum," one quipped, while another said she was "lucky" that Kyraxinyu was not her mum.

In the comments, Kyraxinyu replied: "He asked, I explained, he accepted. When I asked if he would like to choose another snack when his friends were eating chips, he chose a banana."

Hmm, here’s a proposed outcome as suggested by one commenter Afiq Omar: “plot twist child becomes world's top baker.”