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New book teaches kids about cyber-security threats

How do you keep a thief out? By locking the door.

And you need to do that with your data too. Passwords are like locks for digital content. Pick a good password, change it regularly and never share it with others.

That is part of the advice from a new children's book given to the libraries of all primary and special education schools here. It tries to help educate pupils on protecting themselves from cyber-security threats.

About 2,000 copies of the book have been distributed free to more than 200 schools, comprising 186 primary schools and 19 special education schools.

This was announced yesterday, Singapore Cyber Day, by cyber-security company Fortinet, as part of the Association of Information Security Professionals' (AiSP) CyberFest series of cyber-security events and initiatives this week.

Titled Cyber Safe: A Dog's Guide To Internet Security, the book is centred on Lacey the dog who teaches her cat friend Gabbi how to use the Internet safely.

In comic-book style, it covers topics such as what the Internet can be used for and warns against chatting with strangers online.


Released in March, it was written by two mothers, Fortinet's deputy chief information security officer Renee Tarun and United States National Board-certified teacher Susan Burg.

AiSP and Fortinet said it is important for young people to receive proper guidance and support about cyber security at an early age.

"More children are online for prolonged periods of time and online learning has become a way of life, so it is especially important to educate our youth on Internet safety," said Ms Jess Ng, Fortinet's country head for Singapore and Brunei.

She said that with many Internet-connected devices used for home-based learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are opportunities for cyber criminals to conduct attacks, such as stealing information and installing malware.

The book also includes a parent's guide with details on what they should be aware of when their children are online.

The paperback version of the Cyber Safe book costs US$7.50 (S$10.15) while the e-book costs US$3.99. To buy a copy, visit