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Not ideal, but parents see need to bring forward school holidays

This article is more than 12 months old

The timing of this year's school holidays will not be ideal for families stuck at home, some parents have said.

The one-month school break will coincide with the four-week circuit breaker extension announced on Tuesday.

But parents said they understood it was necessary to bring the June holidays forward to avoid prolonging home-based learning.

The Education Ministry said on Tuesday that the June holidays will start on May 5 and end on June 1.

Term 3 lessons will start on June 2.

Parents told The Straits Times they recognised the work schools put into planning and conducting home-based learning and bringing the holidays forward would help ease the pressure on teachers.

Business manager Frederick Chong, 47, whose sons are in Primary 5 and Secondary 3, said: "It looks tremendously difficult for teachers to do home-based learning on a prolonged basis, so at least they get a breather.

"Teachers who have primary school-age children have the biggest headache."

Without home lessons, parents will have to find ways to keep their children busy.

"It's not going to be a real holiday where we can travel, go shopping or even go to Sentosa," said Mr Chong, whose sons have not left the house since the circuit breaker period began.

Meanwhile, parents are thinking of ways to keep everyone occupied at home, from playing games to doing workouts and chores.

Ms Adeline Kwan, who works in public service and is in her late 30s, said her Primary 1 son is exploring an interest in wildlife through books and online resources.

She added: "He also looks forward to cooking dinner with us."

Mr Chong said: "We've started playing board games as a family, table soccer, and (we are) probably going to take out jigsaws to do."

His son, Gabriel Chong, 15, said: "Holidays are usually spent on badminton competitions and going out, but now, that's not possible...

"But it's also good because hopefully after the circuit breaker, we can go back to school immediately without further disruption."