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'Overseas fans take good care of me'

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Jeanette Aw wins three regional awards at Star Awards 2015

She took home not one, not two but six awards at the Star Awards Show 1 held at MediaCorp TV Theatre at Caldecott Broadcast Centre last night.

Local actress Jeanette Aw bagged the coveted Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist for three countries (Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia), the Social Media Award, the highly competitive Favourite Female Character Award and the Favourite Onscreen Couple Award.

In an interview with local media backstage, the 35-year-old said of her three wins in the same category for Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist: "I didn't expect to win so many awards (for that category). I was preparing to leave stage after getting the first one.

"I feel a bit bad as so many (of the awards) went to me. I really feel the love of the fans from so many areas. It is unexpected as I was in those regions only for work."

Aw spoke of the affection she gets from fans overseas whenever she visits those countries.

"Fans from other countries recognise me. In Malaysia, when I eat, the people give me extra ingredients and they take good care of me," she said.

"When the fans see me, they will surround me and take photos with me."

Aw was also surprised at her Social Media Award win, as she did not even know of the existence of the award until the day of the show.

The Social Media Award was introduced last year.

"I am surprised, but I think it's because I just surpassed one million likes on Facebook," she said.

Another big winner on the night was China-born actor Zhang Zhen Huan.

Although he was not nominated for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award, which will be presented at Show 2 next Sunday, he edged out tough competitors Xu Bin, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan and Aloysius Pang for the Favourite Male Character Award.

He was given the award for his role as talented footballer Gao Guo Tian in drama World At Your Feet.


The 31-year-old said: "It's a little hard to believe I won this award. It seems like fans really voted for me.

"I didn't want to think about winning, because the more you expect, the greater your disappointment will be. Elvin (Ng) wins it every year so I didn't expect myself to win."

Zhang also bagged the Favourite Onscreen Couple Award with actress Aw.

He said: "It's good to win, but most importantly, I want to do my job well step by step.

"I will celebrate this by holding a gathering with my fans."

Zhang, who is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor, which will be given out next week, added: "I really want to win the acting award next week.

"However, it is difficult as all the nominees are very good. I hope to be able to win it in future years."

Popular local actress Rui En, who did not win any awards yesterday, seemed to have an annoyed look on her face throughout the show.

She later said that she "wasn't used to sitting on stage with so many cameras and people looking (at her) all the time".

The 34-year-old said: "Awards are just a game, I don't take it too seriously. There are so many awards. My fans might be upset that I didn't win, but they have to pick themselves up and move on."

I am surprised but I think it's because I just surpassed one million likes on Facebook

- Actress Jeanette Aw on her Social Media Award win

Some of the winners last night:

  • Young Talent Award - Damien Teo
  • Best Theme Song - The Journey : Tumultuous Times
  • Best Director - Loh Woon Woon (Against The Tide)
  • Best Screenplay - Tang Yeow, Cheong Yan Peng (Blessings)
  • Social Media Award - Jeanette Aw
  • Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist (China) - Christopher Lee
  • Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist (Malaysia) - Jeanette Aw
  • Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist (Indonesia) - Jeanette Aw
  • Regional Most Popular MediaCorp Artist (Cambodia) - Jeanette Aw
  • Favourite Male Character - Zhang Zhen Huan (as footballer Gao Guo Tian in drama World At Your Feet)
  • Favourite Female Character - Jeanette Aw (as nurse Hong Ming Hui in blockbuster The Journey: Tumultuous Times)
  • Favourite Onscreen Couple - Zhang Zhen Huan and Jeanette Aw
  • Rocket Award - Shaun Chen
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